Book Editing

OVER the past few years, I have been working with authors, business owners and entrepreneurs to publish their own books – often working with Colette Mason at Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing.

My role involves editing and proofreading the books to ensure the story flows and their message gets across to the reader without errors or mistakes. Here’s what some of my past clients have said about me:

“Greg helped turn my book from half decent to half decent with fewer mistakes. It was a pleasure working with him and the process was seamless. There are a small number of people I am happy recommending to other people, but Greg is a must-have person on your team if you’re writing or planning to write a book.”
– Damien Fogg, no BS finance whizz
at The EP Investor

“My publisher suggested I get Greg as my editor. Good decision! My drafts came back thick with suggested improvements. His eye for detail is impressive. His speed of turnaround even more so, given the volume of suggestions – this was no cursory task, but dedicated attention. Not only did the book become a best-seller, I’ve had countless comments about how easy it is to read compared with others from similar genre. It’s reassuring to know I have Greg in my corner, and I’d happily recommend him to others.”
– Chris Gardener, mentor and personal development coach at Strategic Mentors

“Got to say, I’m loving your skills Greg – you’re able to make my writing almost readable! The number of times I’ve made a note to challenge you and then thought: ‘No, he’s right – the bastard’….”
– John Lamerton, lazy entrepreneur and investor at BIG Idea

And here’s what Health and strength coach Tyson Brown said after I worked on his book about intermittent fasting, Ditch The Diet…

I am happy to consider any proofreading or editing tasks, whether for a book or day-to-day writing for businesses. Email to discuss your project. For guidance, here are my current rates:

Basic proofreading (checking for spelling and grammar errors)
= £14 per 1,000 words.

Copy editing (including proofreading and checks for syntax and flow)
= £20 per 1,000 words.

Heavy editing (including restructuring, rewriting and copy editing)
= £35 per 1,000 words.

Book coaching and accountability
= monthly price decided on project-to-project basis