About me

Greg Fidgeon was born and raised in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, (and talks about himself in the third person). After realising he wasn’t good enough at football to become a professional (and not by a country mile), he decided instead to write about the sport he loves.

He joined a local newspaper writing football reports on a Saturday and after several months he was asked to join the staff full-time. He later became sports editor, before moving onto another local paper, where he climbed the ladder to the position of editor-in-chief. Greg now works as a sub-editor for a national newspaper, while also running his own editing and proofreading company.

Across those years, Greg always had an interest in writing fiction and penned a series of short stories around 1999/2000. But, other than a few colleagues, he kept the stories to himself for almost 20 years.

But in 2017 he decided to package up his short stories to publish in his first book, The Long and the Short Short Of It.

It included 13 stories varying from tales of death and bullying, to lust and romance, and to Paul Daniels taking on Adolf Hitler.

His first novel, Ball Or Nothing – a story about a bloke who tries to win back his estranged wife by becoming a Premier League footballer, despite being 42, overweight and shit at football – is available on Amazon now.