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It’s a date

YAY! After lots of toing and froing, tweaks and adjustments, hair pulls and yells for help, my book Ball Or Nothing has a publication date – it will be on Amazon from Friday, July 19.

Well, that’s the hope. You see, it’s not an exact science this launching a book on Amazon malarkey. Once you have uploaded all your files, approved the online proof and double-checked via a hard copy proof, you are just one click away from publication.

That’s where I’m at now. I just press a button and it can go live….in up to 72 hours. When I released The Long And The Short Short Of It in 2017, I pressed the “Go!” button by accident. I thought I’d just approved a proof, but got a call from my publisher friend a few hours later saying: “You’re book’s live.” Shiiiiiiiiitttt! I hadn’t got any of my marketing in place and had to hurriedly tell the world and his dog to go buy a copy.

This time I have more of a plan. I’ve already tried to spread the word about the date Ball Or Nothing will be available and will be telling people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even MySpace and Friends Reunited over and over and over again.

And I am planning to press that “Go!” button on the Thursday morning so that it’s live by Friday (apparently that’s the best day for releasing a book as people are in a good mood ahead of the weekend and more likely to spend). It could be available before or after and none of us will know until we know. Fingers crossed!